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Two Lovers Compatibility Reading

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Up to 800 words email reading + photo of your spread or spreads.
Also available as a 3 minute Skype consultation.

A shorter, but very revealing card spread, to understand how you and the object of your desire work together, the chemistry and the blocks at work. An insight into the potential for communication, trust and happiness between two people.

1. The left side column: represents you, my querent; the right side column, represents the Other. It shows me how you & the Other present yourselves in each other's eyes.

2. Middle left & right cards: what works in the relationship, what you and the other are doing well.

3. Bottom left & right cards: what you and the other are doing not so well, or what prevents the relationship from growing.

4. Middle single card: what the two of you bring o the relationship, the energy that you two create together.


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