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Love Career Life Bone Casting Reading - Comprehensive Hoodoo Oracle

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- In-depth Reading: 500 words - £8
- Comprehensive: 1600 words - £15
- 2000+ words - - £25 - Multi castings, comprehensive Life Coach - you can ask further clarifying questions in private message and I'll pull more spreads to answer your queries
I try to deliver your consultation in 36-48 hours.

Bone reading consultation for those thinking of changing careers, starting a new job, or wondering if they're in the right job or career. Is your workplace a healthy environment? A check up or overview of your working life and prospects, the blocks and unseen blessings in it, workplace politics, relationship with co-workers, and prospects. Small throw, 500 word interpretation and a photo of your bone casting.

Ask the bones. Their deep, ageless wisdom brings the collective subconscious of humanity across eras and civilisation. This is the oldest form of psychic and intuitive divination, adapted to my modern life. A portal to ancient forms of ritual and connection with the divine.

I’ve been practising different arts of divination for over 30 years, but nothing compares to Bone Throwing or charm casting: the art of reading uses a mix of bones and found objects. I live in a big city, so my “bones” are the discarded trinkets and found objects I find while out and about, or on occasion, of deliberate expeditions to find meaningful new pieces for my set. A bone reader’s set is constantly changing and evolving.

Bone casting bone reading throwing the bones… A form of divination with very ancient roots. Seeing spiritual or intuitive guidance in the bones and entrails of animals, in the shape of natural phenomena and the serendipity of found objects, is probably the oldest form of divination and consulting our deeper psychic mind. Nordic rules, southern hoodoo, african american and caribbean santeria and paleria or Siberian Sagai, are just some of the many variations of bone or charm throwing across the world.


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