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Job & CareerTarot Reading - multiple spreads Intuitive card divination

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- In depth overview: 500 words - £8
- Comprehensive: 1500 words - £15
- Multi-spread, 2000+ words: £25
Full, in-depth and very comprehensive life coach tarot reading - you can ask me for further clarifying questions in private message and I'll pull more spreads and I'll draw multiple the card spreads to answer your queries - £25
I deliver your reading within 36-48 hours.

This tarot consultation is more like a life coach session, but channelled by an intuitive clairsentient who interprets the universal symbols in the cards. A deep look into your life, events, people in it, your hopes and fears. I've been reading the cards for about 30 years and I really enjoy distilling the subconscious motivations and external factors that shape your life. My finely tuned clairsentience and profound knowledge of ancient history, myths and symbols, can help you understand yourself and your circumstances.

If you feel in need for some guidance about your current life, major changes , decisions and transformation in your life, or if life seems random and exhausting... Maybe it is time for a longer, no-nonsense, down to earth reading.

From a general reading, to a specific issue or issues, the tarot is an empowering tool to take control and make better decisions. I do not read for third parties who are' present but of course, people who have an influence in your life, like partners, children, friends, work colleagues or relatives, often make an appearance.

I do not predict the future. i give you tools and options to choose the best possible paths of action by showing your life from a detached, objective perspective. That's why i'm at my best when i read for complete strangers, because I'm not biased by what I know about you. all I know is what the cards want to reveal.

What do you get? Email me a complex life issue or question for a comprehensive, over 10 cards, in depth answer to your questions and a photo of your spread or spreads. Up to 2,600 word written reply. Think of the Tarot as a form of counselling or life coaching: the Tarot of Medea is your non-judgemental, feminist, rational, intuitive life coach.

I am also an accomplished intuitive bone reader and I offer bone casting oracle consultations:


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