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Classic personality, career, goals, life's dilemma reading

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The classic "what am I doing here" question. Career, purpose in life, life goals, challenges and advantages that we all face. This reading is about your life, past and present decisions, and how you weave your future.

I use at least 2 spreads: my Personality Spread, because it gives you an insight into what makes you unique, your strengths and weaknesses as an individual and how you deal with life's challenges and opportunities.

The Complex Star Spread then gives me a better view on how things are developing and where life needs your attention and decisions, the people in your life and their influence in it (Spread sample here:

If you have a specific dilemma, are lost or at a crossroads, or you simply want to know more about where you are right now in life, this full, classic reading is a window into your place in the present,but with roots in your past and branching into the future.

A minimum of 30 minutes, or 1,200-1,500 words in the case of email readings. I will send you a photo of your spread and a comprehensive written interpretation of your reading.


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