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Comprehensive Love & Relationship Reading

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my comprehensive, in depth Valentines relationship Tarot reading. A heart-shaped, 16 card spread to give you a better understanding of your relationship and its potential.
Tarot readings conducted by email, face to face in London or as a 50 minute Skype consultation.

Get an insight into your current relationship:
Why are we together?
Why do certain issues keep coming up?
What makes us stronger together?
What are the lessons to learn?
This spread is divided in 3 parts: You; your partner; the relationship you create together.
The Querent:
1 – the Querent at this moment in time.
2 – Issues that affect the Q.
3 – The Q’s gift from the Other
4 – The Q’s gift to the Other
5 – Personal growth necessary for the Querent
The Other: the Querent’s love interest:
6 – The Love Interest at this moment in time.
7 – Issues that affect the Love Interest.
8 – Their gift to the Querent
9 – Their gift from the Querent
10 – Personal growth necessary for the love interest)
The Relationship:
11 – Rewind: the birth of the relationship, why it started.
12 – Karma: the unfinished business/baggage that you bring from past experiences and relationships.
13 – How to grow this relationship.
14 – How to grow this relationship.
15 – How to grow this relationship.
16 – The lessons the relationship will bring - this could be negative or positive, but ultimately, of benefit and growing for the people involved.

In written form, this would result in a 1,500 words Pdf document with a photo of your spread.


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