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Charm casting oracle reading

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A Personality charm casting reading uses the random nature of throwing objects on a surface, to represent a map of your conscious and subconscious mind, the forces at work that mould you into who you are.

A Life Quest concrete question charm casting reading - for specific questions regarding love, family, career, etc, etc. Using a square grid for interpretation, the charms and trinkets fall on positions that reveal the events, people and circumstances at work your life.

I was recently introduced to a form of divination that I'd never heard of: charm casting. It's a version of bone casting, dice casting, animal entrails readings and even rune casting, but it involves found objects and trinkets. All my life, I've been a magpie collector of objects found in the street, as well as an obsessive charity shop and flea market aficionado. So the idea of giving symbolic meaning to random baubles, charms and trinkets, hit me with unexpected force.

So many things suddenly clicked in my head an made sense, it felt like an old friend. I found most of my potential new divination charms just by scouring my house. Charm casting can be a very personal language, where your tools have a meaning that it's unique to you, unlike tarot, where the cards have traditional, universally recognised symbols. The symbolic value of my charms and trinkets stem directly from my own subconscious. So they work instantly, because you're already familiar with their symbolism.

As it's a new product, I'm promoting it by offering it at a 50% discount.

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